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Why Us?


When you use our software there are three different security levels you may choose from. When you choose the highest level of security, at no extra charge, you are completely protected with us with End-to-End Encryption. DataThreeSixty.com is Regulatory Compliant.

We specialize in record backup and privacy requirements of HIPAA. If you are in the medical industry and need a business associate agreement simply email us.

DataThreeSixty.com assists healthcare providers to be HIPAA compliant in the following ways:

  • When used with UltraSafe, DataThreeSixty.com complies with the record backup and privacy requirements of HIPAA. No additional contract is required with DataThreeSixty.com.
  • DataThreeSixty.com, in all cases, creates, received and transmits only encrypted data. DataThreeSixty.com uses a three-tiered AES encryption system which protects data on the user’s computer, again in transit and finally when at rest in storage at DataThreeSixty.com’ data centers.
  • Data cannot be read while in transit or when stored on DataThreeSixty.com servers. (Provided the user/healthcare provider does not compromise account credentials.)
  • DataThreeSixty.com servers are located in SSAE 16/SAS 70 audited data centers protected by gated access 24x7x365, on-site security staff and technicians, electronic key card access and video surveillance both inside and out.
  • Backing up with DataThreeSixty.com can protect against data loss due to hardware malfunction, accidental deletion, virus attacks, theft or natural disaster.
  • DataThreeSixty.com’ UltraSafe feature allows the user (healthcare provider) to store data securely in such a way that no unauthorized access is possible – including by that of DataThreeSixty.com engineers and staff.

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Our job

Security and Ease is the key to to our cloud program.

Our job is to keep your data safe from dangers. However dangers don’t only exist on your end, they exist in the cloud as well. We pride ourselves in End-to-End Encryption. End-to-End encryption is so secure that nobody, and we mean nobody, can access your data but you with your security key. Ease, with our program you can rest easy knowing that everything is automated and quiet. Simply install the program and make sure your computer is on and has internet access at the time you select, the rest will be taken care of by our software. It’s what allows you to sleep at night. It’s why we are HIPAA compliant. That’s what DataThreeSixty.com is all about. Creating comfort for our customers. Just knowing there data is in good hands is peace of mind. Below are our software features:

  • Unlimited Version History
  • Incremental Backups
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Surveillance-Proof Security
  • Customer-Defined Encryption Key
  • Easy Setup and Use
  • Automation- Runs Automatically and Quietly

Get Protected!

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Speed! We pride ourselves in our software’s ability to upload and or download as fast as securely possible. Unlike our competitors, we never throttle your service. We simply keep upgrading our servers to handle the load. You data is only protected in the cloud if it makes it to the cloud!!


Downloading your data anywhere, anytime is important. What good is the cloud if you can’t access it everywhere? NO GOOD! You can access your data from multiple locations, our site and our first class program. Anytime, Anywhere, Always connected, Always Secure.


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